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Special Works - St. Vincent de Paul Community Homes

St Vincent de Paul Community Homes

Our History:

In response to a “gap” detected in the addiction recovery field in Ontario, the Society opened its first post-treatment home in the mid 70's. Since that time, we have progressively expanded into 13 residences serving 76 men and 7 women.

Our Mandate:

Our mandate, simply put, is to prevent relapses by providing a stable, community environment during a 6 - 8 month period immediately following graduation from a recognized treatment facility.

The Characteristics and Needs of Residents:

Our Homes strive to provide an atmosphere conducive to continuing recovery, mainly concentrating upon the rehabilitation principles advocated during treatment, aftercare and recognized 12 step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous. In addition, residents are encouraged to upgrade their education, obtain employment, and restore family relationships.


Director: Frank Boscariol;
Tel # 416-364-5577 ext. 25
Assistant to Director: Patricia Eadie

Assistance is also provided in each Home by a senior resident known as a Staff Representative, who reports to the Director concerning day-to-day operations.

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