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Special Works - DePaul House and Vincent House

DePaul House and Vincent House

Our history: 

We opened our first home for seniors who are developmentally challenged in July 1984; 

The Society was approached to help provide permanent housing during the de-institutionalization of people with developmental and physical disabilities; 

We currently have two homes in Scarborough with a total of 13 men and women.

Our mandate: 

To provide permanent homes with 24 hour care for people with developmental and physical challenges; 

To provide an environment that supports the residents with their spiritual, physical and emotional needs; 

To provide an atmosphere which respects the uniqueness of each individual; 

To encourage each resident to enter into the decision making process in areas affecting their lives; 

To promote community awareness through participation as full members of the community. 

The characteristics and needs of residents:

The residents are men and women ranging in age from 40 to 82 years. The majority of the residents are seniors. 

Several of the residents have physical challenges. All of the residents have different levels of developmental disability. 

The residents at DePaul and Vincent are provided with 24 hour staff support. 

All of the residents are active members of their community through staff, volunteer, family and Vincentian support. 


Director: Martha Ernst 
Tel. # 416 265-2605
Supervisors: Andrew Wells and Jackie Carlos 

Our staff currently consists of a well trained team of men and women who work shifts, including an overnight awake position. 

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