Sponsoring a family.

There are two general ways someone can go about sponsoring a family. in both cases you will be assigned a needy family. You will be provided with a brief description of the families situation, the first names of the parents and the first names and ages and gender of the children.

You can either make a cash donation or you can create a gift basket consisting of things such as food vouchers (which Saint Vincent de Paul will provide), clothing, food, small amount of cash small toys for the children and if you desire, a note to the family. This basket would have to be delivered to us or directly to the family (in Scarborough). If you were to choose to make a cash donation then we would create this basket for you using your monetary contribution.

Based on previous experience, a standard of $100 - $200 is required to create a basket for a family with two parents and two children. However, any amount you are willing to give would be greatly appreciated. You will also be provided with an official tax receipt.

Please sponsor a needy family! Email us.

Thank you and God Bless!