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How To Help

Click here to for information about sponsoring a family
for Christmas

Click here for information about sponsoring a family.

Make an electronic donation (credit card via paypal)

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Donate Goods / Drop Off & Pick Ups
You can drop off items for the needy, such as clothing, house wares, shoes, furniture and appliances, call 416-503-2472 for pick ups.

Stores are at the following locations.

  • 60 Newcastle St. 416-503-2472
  • 253 Broadview Ave. 416-461-8602
  • 391 Driftwood Ave. 416-661-3126

Download Donation Form
A donation form is provided for your convenience. Simply download it (in Microsoft Word Format), fill it up and mail it. We can not continue our work without the support of our community and your charitable gifts.
Download Donation Form Here (MS Word - .doc)
Download Donation Form (.txt)
Donate Goods Form (MS Word - .doc)

Donate to
We give 100% of your generous donation to the needy. Just go to our donation page and download our donation form and mail us in your contributions.

Join As a Volunteer

We are looking for volunteers within our community. Most communities have their own local St. Vincent de Paul and we encourage you to join the one nearest to you. Those living within Toronto, Ontario, Canada, within our community (Our Boundaries) send us an email and we will send you more info on how you can join.

Membership in the Society is considered in a wider sense to be a summons or call to directly participate in service to the poor, through a personal gift of heart and friendship within a lay community of people animated by the same inspiration. Being a member of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul involves a commitment to:

  • Attend regular and confidential meetings to discuss action and plans to assist the needy.
  • Visit the poor in their homes to provide material and moral assistance.
  • Assist all people regardless of race, creed, origin or any distinguishing characteristic.
  • Address root causes of poverty and injustice through awareness and support of the Special Works of the Society.
  • Pray and meditate on the spiritual relationship of poverty and charity in service to the poor.

Vincentians seek to bear witness to the love of Christ in their relationship with those in need. In the service of oneís neighbour, especially the poor there is an encounter with the suffering Christ. This is both a source of joy and a source of the Vincentian vocation. The Society relies on all members to give freely of their time as circumstances permit. The only requirement is a desire to grow in personal holiness and befriend Christís poor.

"I would like to embrace the whole world in a network of Charity."

Bl. Frederic Ozanam

Planned Giving

Most donations made to the Society will be in the form of regular of occasional gifts. However some donors may wish their gift to the Society to be in the form of a Planned Gift. These may be made in the form of an annuity, a bequest by will, an insurance policy, a trust or gift of capital property. These have the benefit of providing providing an income tax receipt to the donor while maximizing the amount of benefit to the charity.

Bequest through a Will:

This is a future gift to the Society. It is established by making a bequest in your will. Your estate will receive a tax receipt for the full amount of your gift.

Gifts of Life Insurance:

It is possible to maximize the size of your gift by designating the Society as a beneficiary of life insurance policy. Payments of life insurance premiums are considered to be a charitable donation and are eligible for a tax receipt.

Lifetime Income (Charitable Annuity):

This provides the donor with a lifetime, guaranteed income in exchange for a sizable gift. There are several ways to structure this donation. Under this method it is possible to receive the same after tax amount for the rest of your life.

If you would like to make a charitable donation to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, St Lawrence Conference please contact the Society at its office or fill out the information below.
We give 100% of your generous donation to the needy.

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